Best New Gadgets For Frequent Travellers

Discover five new cool gadgets useful for travelling. Read about the Kindle Voyage, Black Diamond Power Torch and more with Avis Travel Experience.

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Technology moves fast. In this day and age, a premium hire car is a highly advanced piece of kit in itself. GPS? Mobile wi-fi? Ready and waiting. And outside of the vehicle, of course, fresh new accessories for frequent travellers continue to be launched in numbers. Here’s an overview of five of the best.

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BioLite Kettle Charge

Campers now have more than one reason to be grateful for a cuppa. The BioLite Kettle Charge, launched in mid-2014, produces power from two of the most basic of components: heat and water. Using a thermoelectric generator on the base of the charge, it’s triggered by filling the attached 750ml stainless steel kettle then bringing it to the boil over a camp stove (or any other concentrated flame). As well as being left with water to cook or drink with, you’ll also have 10W of power. A 15-minute charge will give you five hours of talk time.

RRP: £115.99 (on publish date)  – available at and other stockists.

BioLite Kettle Charge, charger

Black Diamond Ember Power Light Torch 

A decent torch is always an essential bit of kit, but this new offering from Utah-based outdoor specialists Black Diamond is more than just a light source. It also has a built-in USB port, allowing you to re-juice smartphones and other handheld devices while you’re on the go. From a full charge, you can expect to re-power an iPhone 1.5 times. The torch itself is swipe-activated and has a 150-lumen beam, as well as a “lock mode” to ensure the battery won’t drain when it’s not in use.

RRP: £39.99 (on publish date) – available at and other stockists.

Black Diamond Ember Power Light Torch


Kindle Voyage

New Kindle readers can be purchased these days for less than £60, so what makes the newest model worth the extra outlay? Well, several things. It garnered five-star reviews when it entered the market recently, thanks to a long-lasting battery, a lightweight design and, perhaps most significantly, a new adaptive front light that adapts screen brightness to the environment you’re reading in. The display itself is now of a higher resolution too, resulting in a crisper, clearer text.

RRP: £169 (on publish date) – available at and other stockists.


Kindle Voyage eReader

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Multisport GPS Watch

Expected to be on the UK market from late May 2015, the latest Garmin sport watch is one for travellers who take the outdoors seriously. Slimmer than many previous models, it has features including a heart rate monitor, GPS navigation and a whole range of different fitness settings. It also supports smartphone notifications and remains waterproof up to a depth of 100 metres. The battery life can stretch to 50 hours, and if you opt for a rubber strap the whole watch weighs just 85g. It’s far from cheap – but sometimes that’s reassuring.

RRP: £580 (on publish date) – available at and other stockists.

Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire Performer, Watch

Soundmatters foxL DASH 7

Any product that bills itself as “the lightest, slimmest hi-fi Bluetooth speaker in the world” is going to draw attention – and in the case of the foxL DASH 7, it warrants it. The two chief selling points are its ultra-portable size – it’s just 19 cm in length – and its remarkably rich sound clarity. Its twin “acoustic drivers” can reproduce both very high and very low frequencies from one small speaker. It comes in either red, white or black.

RRP: £249.99 (on publish date) – available at and other stockists.

Soundmatters foxL DASH 7, Bluetooth speakers

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