Christmas Business Trip Packing

A quick tip guide for the Business Traveller over the Christmas season. Check out a few handy tips to help you through the holiday season from Avis.

Packing is one of the least favoured chores when preparing for any type of journey, but the task of planning  for business travel , makes it even more laborious (especially when you have to travel within the Christmas period). Have these top tips to hand before you set off on your business travels.

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Make A List (Check It Twice)

Categorising what you need for each stage of your trip will help you during the packing process from the get-go. List the things that you definitely need when you’ll be working. If you have an important meeting, it’s a given that you’ll need to pack business attire. If you’ve got a presentation planned, you’ll need to take your notes – and be sure to back up that Powerpoint on a USB stick in case you have laptop issues.

Get To Grips With Your Travel Guide

Doing some research of your destination in advance will help you get the best out of your trip. It’s a good way to check out places to eat, sights to see and shops to visit (for souvenir shopping and some last minute Christmas present buying for friends and family).

The Statement Travel Bag

Business trips usually require a lot of moving around, so the best option is to always pack light and that means taking hand luggage rather than a suitcase. A small rectangular rolling suitcase is often the best option. When it comes to colour, choose black or grey. Heading straight to a meeting on arrival with a brightly coloured bag can often set the wrong tone – especially if you’re trying to make a good first impression.

Fix Up, Look Smart

Blazers, shirts, and trousers often suffer from wrinkling when packed in hand luggage and the last thing you need is a lot of ironing as soon as you arrive or return home after a long trip! Store these items in a garment bag and attach it to your case. This will minimise the creases and provide easy access in case you need to suit up or change as soon as you reach your destination.

Take The Bare Essentials

With bulky suits, shoes to carry and a heavy schedule to keep, there’s little room and an even lesser need for full sized toiletries. It’s best to pack the basic items you know you won’t have time to buy such as a toothbrush and toothpaste. If you’re staying in a hotel the chances are there’ll already be shampoo and shower gel stocked in the bathroom – so bear that in mind.

The Little Extras That Count

Choose a briefcase, backpack or satchel and fill it with all your work material – laptop and charger, notes, and business cards. Utilise any remaining space by packing the things that will make your business trip that bit easier. Take a camera for sightseeing, ear plugs to block out any Christmas party noise when you need to concentrate, and a Kindle for when you have any down time. Plus, always remember, if you’re travelling outside the UK don’t forget to take a plug adaptor!


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