Seasonal Holiday Packing Tips

The perfect 'how to' guide to packing and preparation for the Christmas season. Check out a few handy tips to help you pack your case for your holidays.

Travelling light is easy once you know how. You might not think it’s possible over the Christmas season with the multitude of presents, food and thick warm layers of clothing, but here are some tips on how to become a packing guru.

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Pack Light

Consider all the things you might be doing (cocktail party, country walks, spirited charades season etc.) and plan your wardrobe. Lay out your selection of clothes and the accessories you think you need. Then cut the amount by half (do you really need to take five pairs of shoes?). Seeing your choices all laid out before you will, more often than not, reveal how much you are actually taking with you on your travels.

Roll Don’t Fold

The trick to packing efficiently is to roll – not fold. Rolling not only gives you more room to pack extra clothes, bottles of fizz and edible treats for the festive day, but it will keep creases to a minimum. Once you convert to the rolling method you’ll never fold back!

Stuff Shoes

The heaviest items you have to pack are your shoes. Wrap them in tissue paper or put them in a bag to protect your clothes and place them at the end of your suitcase along the sides. To keep their shape and save space, stuff them with some old socks. Don’t take too many pairs though as you’ll return with some fun and festive ones. It is the standard Christmas gift after all.

Don’t Cut Corners

The organised packer will use packing cubes and travel folders. The clever packer will cover all corners. Utilise as much space within your suitcase as possible by placing other personal items you’re likely to need such as phone and laptop chargers, cameras and jewellery. You’ll be surprised how much you can fit in the nooks and crannies of your luggage.

Go Miniature

Buy travel sized products that are 100ml or less and fit them in one toiletry bag. If you’re spending Christmas at home it’s more than likely you’ll be able to borrow products like shampoo and toothpaste so think about what you really need to bring. A few days without your regular beauty/grooming essentials is not the end of the world!

Leave Space!

The most important thing is to remember to leave some space to take back your Christmas gifts! It would be a shame to have to leave them behind just because the boot is overstuffed with your clothes, accessories with not an inch to spare. If in doubt bring an expandable suitcase. Yes, we know this is cheating, but it’s the best way to fit everything you want to take and tend to your packing needs.


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