The World’s Most Luxurious Travel Accessories

Rolls Royce has unveiled a luxurious picnic hamper for their iconic cars, and rumour has it that this rather splendid added extra will cost you around £50,000. But the world’s finest travel accessories don’t come cheap, and here are some similarly wallet-busting extras for the jet setter who has it all.

 Banner Image Credit: Doettling

Rolls Royce Picnic Hamper

Rolls Royce Picnin Hamper

Image Credit: Rolls Royce

Whip out this all-singing, all-dancing picnic hamper at your next picnic and your friends’ Tupperware and battered Thermos flasks will suddenly look distinctly average. This luxurious creation is crafted from American walnut wood and natural grain leather and comes in three of the colour combinations used for the interior of the cars themselves. Having a picnic hamper which doesn’t match your motor is a major faux pas, after all. Interior shelves fold out to reveal crystal glassware, a 12-piece cutlery set, a walnut wood chopping board, and monogrammed napkins, just to really ram home the point that your hamper is better than everyone else’s.

Price on application

Globe-Trotter Goring Travel Trolley

Goring Ivory SuitcaseImage Credit: Goring

How we long for the golden age of travel, when liveried butlers would insist on unloading our luggage and we carried our possessions in handmade leather trunks. The designers at Globe-Trotter obviously feel the same, if this stylish suitcase is anything to go by. Made from cream fibreboard with protective corner patches crafted from real leather, the Goring travel trolley is guaranteed to steal the spotlight when it embarks upon its lap of honour on the luggage conveyor belt. But despite the nods to a more elegant age, it offers the best of both worlds and has concealed wheels and a telescopic handle.

Price: £1,505

Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Timer

Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time

Image Credit: Vacheron Constantin

Traveling between different time zones can be a real drag (although we’re fairly sure this qualifies as a first world problem) but this gorgeous piece of arm candy will help you adjust, thanks to the 37 different time zones displayed on the clock face. And speaking of the clock face, it’s a rather impressive one, with a map of the northern hemisphere (we’re not sure why the southern one didn’t make the cut) surrounded by seas made from layers of velvet. Seriously.

Price: £32,400

GlobaTrac Trakdot Luggage Tracking System

Trakdot Luggage TrackerImage Credit: Trakdot

So you’ve splashed out on a designer suitcase tag and invested in a shiny new luggage lock, but it’s all money down the drain if your bag goes missing, and this next travel accessory actually serves a very important purpose. The GlobaTrac Trakdot is basically a small GPS system which you place in your suitcase before traveling. When you get to your destination you’ll instantly receive a text informing you of your luggage’s exact location, which will hopefully be the same one you’ve arrived at.

Price: £79.99

Doettling Guardian Travel Safe

Doettling Guardian Travel Safe

Image Credit: Doettling

Whether you’re concerned about your cash going missing or you simply want to hide your emergency holiday chocolate stash from your other half, valuables will be well protected by this hi-tech travel safe. Beyond the quilted leather, double-walled construction keeps your valuables safe from harm, while the use of polycarbonate (the same stuff used to make police shields) means that even a sledgehammer can’t dent this piece of kit. And if someone does get hold of it, they won’t have long to crack the combination code, because built-in GPS allows you to see the safe’s current location.

Price: £12,000

Winsor and Newton Watercolour Compendium

Winsor and Newton Watercolour Compendium

Image Credit: Winsor and Newton

These days, beautiful sunsets are merely backdrops for selfies, and we spend more time staring at spectacular landscapes through the screens on our iPhones than with the naked eye. Which is precisely why this beautiful watercolour painting set is the perfect gift for travelers who enjoy a slower pace of life. Designed specifically for jet-setters who are a dab hand with a paintbrush, Winsor and Newton’s walnut-clad box of treasures opens to reveal an extending easel along with 96 watercolours, a ceramic palette, an additional removable watercolour set, brush rests and sketching pencils.

Price: £12,500

Pickett Luxury Scrabble Board

Pickett Luxury Scrabble Board

Image Credit: Picketts

Dusting off those dog-eared board games is a pre-holiday ritual most families are familiar with, but what if the family in the tent next door challenge you to a scrabble-off? Pull out this bad boy and you’ve already won half the battle. And who wouldn’t be intimidated by Pickett’s luxury scrabble board? Crafted from leather and lined with suede, it includes a leather-bound notebook and leather stands on which your letters can be displayed.

Price: £1,950

Row Pinto Fairford Liberty Print Cashmere Eye Mask

Cashmere Eye Mask

Image Credit: Liberty

Give in to the temptation to catch forty winks on an aeroplane and you’re unlikely to look stylish. There’s a high chance you’ll end up snoring or dribbling on the passenger whose shoulder you end up lolling against, for starters. But on the plus side, you can offset some of the damage by donning this luxurious eye mask, which is made from cashmere and has Liberty’s popular Fairford print on the reverse.

Price: £56.50

Marchi Mobile Elemment Palazzo Superiorx

Luxury Van

Image Credit: Marchi Mobile

Our final product recommendation is ideal for anyone who spent their childhood holidays roaming the British coastline in cramped, draughty caravans. The Marchi Mobile Elemment Palazzo Superior is officially the world’s most expensive motorhome. But this isn’t your average caravan. This palace-on-wheels has underfloor heating, a fireplace and a master bedroom only slightly smaller than most London apartments. The Sky Lounge is our favourite bit. One flick of a switch transforms the vehicle’s roof into your private roof terrace, complete with pop-up cocktail bar and gazebo, allowing you to soak up the views, drink in hand – whether you’re in Skegness or Spain.

Price: £1.2 million

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