Post-Christmas Fitness Breaks

Christmas can always be a time to over-indulge. We show you how to make the most of a post-Christmas getaway whilst keeping active.

If there’s one thing most of us can be certain of, it’s that we will end December a few pounds heavier than we started it.

Don’t despair: the January detox need not be a thing of doom and gloom, of seven-day juicing schedules, miserable jogs in the rain, or the hunger-inducing 5:2 diet. Make use of that topped-up annual leave and take a break, boost your vitamin D levels, give your skin a glow, and get healthy.

Here are some great fitness breaks to jumpstart your year.

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Fitness By The Beach – Morocco


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Fitscape holidays kick off their 2016 calendar with a beach break in Morocco. Based at four-star resort Paradis Plage, the holiday programme is wide and varied, with two trainers on hand to look after guests and help plan their schedules. Guests can take part in boxercise, running, yoga, surfing, and core and strength classes, alongside plenty of stretching. Classes can fill up to five hours each day, but the flexible programme allows each guest to do whatever they like with their time. They are, however, encouraged to do as many of the classes as they can to make full use of their stay.

The week-long Morocco programme starts on 30th January 2016.

Triathlon And Biking Camp – Cyprus


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One for the fitness junkies, the Triathlon and Biking Camp at the Almyra hotel in Cyprus is the perfect week of sport to boost your training. The bespoke programme will see guests perfecting their stroke in the pool before heading out for open water swimming in the Mediterranean, running along Cyprus’ scenic coastline and taking on the hilly roads on long bike rides. Trainers include elite triathlete Sean McFarlane and the former champion triathlete Kypros Nicolaou.

The first camp in 2016 starts on 20th February – enough time to get back into a routine for those who let their training slacken off over December.

Wild Fitness – Zanzibar

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If you ever worry about how much damage sitting in an office all day is doing to your body, this retreat might be for you. The company Wildfitness aims to ‘re-wild’ people who take part in its international retreats. Believing that humans have largely lost the skills we had as hunter-gatherers, Wildfitness focuses on bringing the body back to nature. This is achieved through a series of relentless tasks such as climbing, jumping and balancing. Barefoot running plays a big role in the course, as does eating natural food and living freely with plenty of rest. It’s tough, but that’s sort of the point – anti-fragility is a big element of founder Tara Wood’s concept of ‘wild living’.

Wildfitness runs one- or two-week courses in Zanzibar starting from 17th January 2016.

Boot Camp – Dorset

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A UK-based fitness break option is Reboot Dorset Fitness Boot Camp, a boot camp founded by Mark Hooks, an ex-member of the Parachute Regiment and head coach at Reboot. Hooks creates the itineraries for the camps (which are five days long), but also for each participant for the following three months after their stay. A day at boot camp might include boxing, a ‘gun run’, nutrition classes and a massage. Mental strength training also plays a part in the camp. The accommodation is a Georgian rectory, five minutes from the beach.

The first boot camp of 2016 starts on 11th January. As the camps are five days long, you are allowed the weekend to recover.

Mind, Body And Soul Detox – The Philippines

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For those seeking a more spiritual detox, The Farm at San Benito is one of the best options. The luxury retreat uses natural products to cleanse the body and methods such as yoga and meditation to clear the mind. The Detox Cleanse four-night programme includes exercise such as aqua aerobics and circuit training to compliment the more spiritual aspects, and movement classes include flower arranging, trampolining and horticulture. You’ll dine in the resort’s award-winning restaurant Alive! which serves produce from the onsite organic garden.

The programme starts when you arrive. There are no group schedules, so you can plan your own stay with The Farm’s experts.

Snowshoeing – France


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Escape into the mountains with a week of hiking in the French Alps. Track & Trail organise eight-day snowshoeing trips into the Alps suitable for anyone with a decent level of fitness. Snowshoeing is essentially hiking whilst wearing wide-based shoes to stop you sinking into the snow. The Chamonix tour affords staggering views of the Mont Blanc range and the chance to stay in the Grand St Bernard Monastery, although schedules are not guaranteed; your guide plans out the daily route depending on the conditions. If it feels strange to be in the Alps outside a ski resort, you can combine snowshoeing and skiing tours.

The Chamonix adventure departs on 30th January 2016 and is best suited to those who have an intermediate level of fitness.

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