The Rise Of The Mini-Moon

Recharge and get away for a few days after the big day with Avis Inspires. Explore these top tips for post-wedding mini-moon success!

Weddings are beautiful things. But they can also be extremely stressful, particularly when they’re your own. The reality of arranging a wedding can be a frustrated mix of family politics, financial burden and last minute niggles. In the days following their nuptials, most newlyweds are exhausted. And yet tradition has it that you use that time to set off on the most extravagant, and memorable holiday of your life. The honeymoon.

In recent years, couples have begun to realise the flaw in this plan. Yes, following a wedding, it’s great to have a break, and spend time alone as a newly married couple. However, jetting off to a lavish, once-in-a-lifetime destination may be an opportunity wasted, when all you want to do is sleep and recharge.

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And so the ‘mini-moon’ has evolved. A short, relaxing break, directly after the wedding, used as a precursor to a later full honeymoon, farther afield. This new tradition also ties in nicely with modern wedding lists. With more and more couples asking for honeymoon experiences, instead of traditional household presents, taking the ‘real’ honeymoon up to six months after the wedding allows couples to plan their trip based on the wedding gifts.

If you’re planning a wedding, a honeymoon, and a mini-moon, here are some tips for arranging the latter.

1. Think close to home


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Once the excitement of the wedding is over, you’ll want to get away quickly. Don’t complicate things by choosing a destination that’s too far afield. Jump in a car, or straight onto a plane, and keep your journey time down to just a few hours. By choosing somewhere closer to home, you can also keep costs down, which is important after the big day, and if you’re planning a second, larger honeymoon.

2. Focus on rest and relaxation

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Whilst you might normally like to make the most of a holiday, a mini-moon is very different. For at least the first few days, you’re likely to be completely burned out, so give yourselves a break. Choose relaxing, simple activities – like spa trips, or lazing by a swimming pool.

3. Give yourself flexibility

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The key to a successful mini-moon is having the flexibility to respond to how you’re feeling. After months of planning, it’s natural to have a bit of a come down after the wedding day. So you want to have a fun break, but one which doesn’t come with lists of ‘must-do’ activities. Choose a destination where you have options. Maybe after a few days you’ll want to do something productive or active, or take in some local sights. But in the meantime try to avoid inflexible itineraries. If you choose somewhere remote, having a car on hand will be useful for last minute plans.

4. Try to make it a minimum of five days


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Negotiating extra holiday time can be tricky, particularly when you’ve already taken time off for a wedding, and are planning the main honeymoon. However, if you have enough holiday left, try to make the mini-moon at least five days. You’re likely to spend at least the first forty-eight hours decompressing, and ideally you want to have a weekend back at home before you go back to the reality of work.

5. Opt for somewhere you know and love


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Returning to a spot which means something to you as a couple can be a great option for a mini-moon. Use the main honeymoon to explore exciting new territory, and instead make the mini-moon a real celebration of your relationship. By revisiting somewhere you already know, it will feel like a home away from home, and mean you’re not stressing about having to see and do everything, because you’ve already been there before. If you pick somewhere you know and love, you’re also unlikely to end up disappointed.

6. Pack light


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Try not to pick a destination or an activity which requires a lot of forward planning. You’ll be packing for your mini-moon at the same time as doing last minute prep for the wedding, so the last thing you want is additional stress. A camping trip might seem low-key, but the preparation involved will be the last thing you want to be worrying about on the eve of your wedding.

7. Cut off from social media

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After months of planning, disconnect, and let yourselves spend some proper, uninterrupted time together. It might be tough, straight after the wedding, because you’ll want to check out all the photos, and see what everyone said about the big day, but try to give yourself a proper break from social media. Better still make phones and laptops forbidden for a few days.

8. Leave the present opening until you get home

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Leave yourself one last bit of the wedding (until your real honeymoon, in a few months time!) by keeping all the cards and presents unopened until you return from the mini-moon. That way, the post-wedding, post-holiday blues won’t seem so bad, as you’ll be returning to something fun.

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