Spring Clean Your Love Life

Spring is a great time to boost your love life. Discover these eight steps for a spring clean of your love life, whether you're single or in a relationship.

These eight steps will help you freshen up your love life in no time! Whether it’s doing some exercise, eating well or even just embarking upon a weekend escape. Charly Lester gives eight top tips for spring cleaning your love life.

Do some exercise

The Effects of Exercise

Whatever your relationship status, exercise can help.

If you’re single, the exercise will make you feel fitter, healthier and more confident. You’ll feel better about yourself, and about your single status … and be able to enter into the next relationship with a more confident approach.

If you’re in a relationship, then doing exercise together can help bring you closer. Try a new activity, and commit to at least one session a week together. The endorphins will make you feel happier and healthier, and you’ll inadvertently be associating that buzz with your other half.

Buy some flowers

Bunch of Flowers

As a singleton, it’s important to treat yourself. Do things which make you smile – whether that’s buying yourself a bunch of flowers each week, or treating yourself to chocolates or a scented candle. Do the things for yourself, which you’d like a partner to do. Regardless of whether you are single or not, you always need to be your own best friend.

If you’re in a relationship, don’t just restrict gift giving to birthdays and anniversaries. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day of the year that you give or receive flowers. Surprise your other half regularly with something that shows you care.

Detach yourself from technology

Detach Yourself from Technology

The problem with being single in 2016 is that it becomes far too easy to compare yourself to other people. Facebook is a constant reminder of all the highlights of other peoples’ lives. And if you’re not feeling too great about your own single status, then switch off social media for a while. It’s worth remembering that people rarely showcase the mundane realities of their life. Social media is just a montage of the best bits. Don’t let it get you down.

If you’re in a relationship, technology can also be a bane. It’s far too easy to spend ‘quality’ time together checking your phone for text messages, or replying to work emails. Set aside an hour or two each evening with your phones on airplane mode, and keep them switched off overnight. Make the most of each other’s company, and use the time to properly communicate.

Eat well

Eating Well

Food affects our mood, regardless of our relationship status. It’s easy to spend the winter comfort eating, and moping over your single status. But the Spring gives you a new reason to overhaul your diet. Summer is the most exciting time of the year to be single. Which means you have a summer of restaurant meals and late night drinks ahead. Why not treat your body to some healthy eating for a month or two? You’ll feel better for it, and less guilty when you are truly in the throws of an exciting summer of dating!

Make healthy eating a shared target as a couple. If you spring clean your diet together, you’ll encourage more shared meals, and with that, increased conversation, as well as a common goal. And the best thing about getting healthier together is that you benefit twice – a better body for yourself, and for your partner!

Make time for you

Make time for yourself

Being single means you can be selfish! Make the most of having time for yourself to do the things you don’t always get to enjoy. Pamper and preen. Run long baths and light some candles. Read those books that have been gathering dust on the book case, or binge watch the latest trashy TV series on Netflix.

When you’re in a relationship it’s also important to enjoy your alone time, especially if you live with your partner. Every now and again, take yourself into a different room, and enjoy an extra long bath, or snuggle up with a novel. You don’t have to be around each other 24/7 to have a healthy, functioning relationship.



You don’t have to be Bridget Jones dancing around in your pjamas to enjoy a good dance as a singleton. Dance, like other exercise, releases happy endorphins … and all the more, when you’re joined by a good friend! You don’t have to be single to enjoy a good night out – so gather up the girls or the lads, and let your hair down for the evening!

Dancing as a couple shouldn’t just be reserved to first dances at weddings, or sweaty night club dance-floors. Whether you’re a trained ballerina or you’ve got two left feet, take the opportunities to dance with the person you love. Dance in the kitchen when you get home from work. Dance in the car, with the radio on. Dance at other peoples’ wedding. Hold onto them tightly, and show them just how much you love them.

Get some new bed sheets

Get some new bedsheets

There’s nothing quite like climbing into a freshly-made bed, and it’s even more special when you have brand new sheets. As a singleton, particularly one getting over a break-up, there’s something rather therapeutic about treating yourself to a new bedspread and sheets. After all, you never know who the next person to see them might be!

Brand new sheets can have just as positive an effect on you if you’re in a relationship. Make your bed a shared haven by treating yourself to some new sheets or pillows. Spend the brighter springtime mornings snuggled up together under fresh new sheets.

Take a weekend break

Take a weekend break

Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a weekend break. Grab a friend or two, and enjoy an evening or two in another city. Or jump in a car and check out some of the incredible villages and scenery the British countryside has to offer. Treat yourself to a weekend at a spa, or a road trip to visit an old friend.

We all live stressful lives these days, so take a break from the rat race together. Make new memories together in a cosy pub, or a five star hotel. Plan a road trip to somewhere you’ve been meaning to explore for a while, or just lock yourself in your room and order room service all weekend.

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