Preparing For Ski Season

Choose the right ski kit and be ahead of the curve by packing the right essentials for your ski holiday. Be ready for the slopes with Avis.

January blues? Yes, the festive season is sadly over – but the ski season has just reached its peak. Blow away those cobwebs by unleashing yourself onto the slopes!

Our ski savvy guide will help you pack all the necessities for your trip to the slopes. From the equipment you should always take, to the items you’ll want for your snow-filled adventures – we’ve got you covered.

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Preparing For The Snow

Choose the right kit and be ahead of the curve by packing the right essentials for your ski holiday. A step up from the traditional rigmarole of packing – you have ski equipment to consider!

Step one: Make sure your skis or snowboard have had a service and are ready to go.

Step two: Select a roller top snowboard bag (yes, even if you’re taking skis!) – it’s roomy enough to fit the bulk of your ski gear and will easily fit into the back seat, boot or even roof box of a car.

Quick Tip: Take a rucksack and pack your helmet, camera and extra socks (you’ll definitely need more pairs than you think). Later, you can use the rucksack to carry the things you’ll need when you’re out all day skiing.


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On The Slopes

When it comes to ski clothing and boots; warmth over style! Snow outerwear may be bulky, but it has its uses as extra padding when you pack your equipment. Also, don’t forget to wear your base layer clothing. Long johns, long sleeved tops and thermals are crucial for keeping warm and dry.

Quick Tip: Be sure to pack sun cream and a good SPF lip balm. Skiers are vulnerable to both direct sunlight and its reflection on the snow.



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Après Ski

After a day on the slopes, kick back and relax in your chalet or hotel. Log fires combined with lounges are perfect to relax and unwind. Opt for comfy jumpers, or even your favourite onesie for a toasty evening indoors.

Quick Tip: Consider packing your swimming gear in case your accommodation has a pool, hot tub or spa area. It’s the perfect place to ease those aching muscles after your snow filled workout.



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