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Angers, in western France, is home to an abundance of medieval landmarks and top cultural attractions. From museums and art galleries to pretty parks and a historic riverfront, there’s plenty to see and do.

Surrounded by farms and vineyards in the Loire Valley, this city is also a haven for foodies and wine aficionados.

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Plan your journey from Angers Train Station

After arriving in the centre of Angers, take a short drive from the train station to admire the city’s incredible historic architecture.

Start by exploring Angers Castle. One of the most preserved medieval fortresses in France, this mighty stone structure is a strong presence on the riverside. Be sure to take a tour of the interiors where the Apocalypse Tapestry (the largest woven artwork of the Middle Ages) is displayed. It depicts major events of the 14th century, such as the Hundred Years War.

Another medieval marvel that dominates the skyline is Angers Cathedral, featuring a striking combination of gothic and Romanesque design. Right at the heart of the city is the Place du Ralliement – a busy public square lined with impressive buildings such as the 18th century Grand Theatre.

Culture enthusiasts will be impressed with the array of museums and galleries here. Many archaeological finds from Angers Loire Valley can be found at the Natural History Museum, which is split across two attractive 19th century buildings. Head to the Angers Museum of Fine Arts to admire artworks from Neolithic times and up to the present day.

Besides the cultural attractions, Angers is well known for its beautiful green spaces. These have contributed to its reputation as one of the most desirable places to live in France. For a tranquil place to relax, choose from arboretums, botanical gardens and parks across the city.

Besides the fascinating attractions in the centre of Angers, there’s much to see and do beyond the city borders too.

Beyond Angers

Whichever direction you take from Angers, there’s plenty to discover. World-class cities and the fairytale castles of the Loire Valley are just a drive away.


Around an hour’s drive west from Angers brings you to Nantes. Over the centuries, this city has undergone a radical transformation. From a principal port built on the auspices of a ship building industry, to a vibrant cultural centre brimming with museums, the spirited city is packed with art galleries and trendy historic squares lined with restaurants and cafes.

Must-visit sights include the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. The museum tells the history of Nantes, from the Roman times through to the Second World War. Also keep an eye out for Nantes Cathedral and the Fine Arts Museum.


As the capital of Brittany, Rennes provides an intriguing day trip from Angers. Just a 90-minute drive north from Angers, the city boasts attractive architecture and green areas. The medieval quarter around Place Saint-Anne has characterful streets lined with timber-framed houses.

Don’t miss the Palais du Parlement de Bretagne, arguably the most impressive building in the city. Designed by the same architect, it closely resembles the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris.

Driving around northwest France in your Avis rental car gives you the freedom to create your dream itinerary for Angers and beyond.