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Explore Game of Thrones Film Locations from Belfast

Discover the home of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is renowned for its majestic beauty and otherworldly landscapes, but did you know it was also a major filming location for HBO’s popular TV show, Game of Thrones?

Over the course of ten years, the hit programme was filmed in breathtaking locations all over the world, with 25 locations alone filmed across Northern Ireland, including the settings for Winterfell, Riverrun and Slaver’s Bay. It’s perhaps no surprise given Northern Ireland’s reputation for vast beaches, endless stretches of coastline, dense woodland and awe-inspiring views everywhere you look.

If you’re a fan of the show and love a road trip that takes you off the beaten track to the most scenic of destinations, we’d recommend hiring a car with us in Belfast, and taking a self-drive tour to the top 10 Game of Thrones Northern Ireland locations. Handily – most of the spots are within a 90-minute drive away.

If you’re not short on time however, you could easily spend five days exploring all 25 locations in Northern Ireland at your own pace.

Read on to discover our recommended tours and locations for the ultimate Game of Thrones tour from Belfast.

Car hire Belfast
Inch Abbey, Northern Ireland, just off the A7 Belfast Road north of Downpatrick.