Ben Holbrook

Ben Holbrook is a British travel writer and blogger based in the sun-drenched Catalan capital of Barcelona. He first moved to the city in 2009 with the intention of staying for a year but, like so many people who visit, he fell head over heels in love and could never quite bring himself to leave. It was the colourful Modernist architecture and blissful beaches that first captured his imagination but it was after discovering the joys of Spanish gastronomy (and wine!) that he decided he might just have to stay.

Today he spends his time living the good life, searching out new restaurants and craft beer bars and writing about it all on his blog Driftwood Journals, as well as various global travel publications. When he’s not nibbling tapas and sipping vino you’ll find him out on the water trying to burn off a few calories on his paddle board, or tearing through the leafy hills of Collserola on his bike.

Follow Ben for the inside guide to Barcelona and get the very best out of this fascinating and vibrant city.