Instagram Your Way Around Rome

Discover the famous sights of Rome with Avis. Explore the “eternal city” bursting with ancient beauty and modern design captured though Instagram.

A classic beauty that never seems to age, Rome is another one of those European legends that must be visited once in a lifetime. The incredible juxtaposition of ancient and modern is unparalleled to almost all other capitals in the world, yet the “eternal city” still maintains a strong degree of unpretentiousness, regardless of its international notoriety. Roaming around its streets is one of the most pleasant things you can do there and also the best way to get to know all of its history. Here’s a walk through some of its most famous sights – all captured through Instagram.

Starting off, you can find the Roman Forum – the most celebrated meeting place in the world. Full of ancient temples, basilicas, and the old town square, this is where the centre of Roman public life took place for centuries.


Right next to the Roman Forum is the grand Colosseum. Another ancient architectural wonder, which houses the largest amphitheatre ever built. Without a doubt it is the most recognized landmark in Rome.


One of the best preserved ancient sites in Rome is the Pantheon. Completed under the rule of the emperor Hadrian in 126 AD, it has been a place of worship since the 7th Century.


A great spot to transition from ancient to modern is at Piazza Navona. Originally built on the site of “Stadium of Domitian” for chariot races and athletic events, it is now a bustling square perfect for grabbing a macchiato with its wonderful selection of cafés and restaurants in a beautifully Baroque setting.


With all of Rome’s history to take in, there’s no doubt it won’t be too far into the day when you’ll need a little caffeinated beverage pick-me-up. Whatever you do, forget your usual Starbucks order of “grande soy sugar-free caramel latte” and simply ask for a café normale or macchiato because, well, when in Rome…that’s what the Romans do.


Located in the heart of Rome is the world’s smallest internationally recognized state and the home of the Pope – Vatican City. The imposing St. Peter’s Basilica sits central to it all and it’s where you can find Michelangelo’s Pieta.


Another one of Michelangelo’s works of art, painted in the 16th century and perhaps his most famous, is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace, also inside Vatican City.


However you decide to end your day, don’t forget to make a wish and toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure a future trip back to Rome for more!


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