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Just before the Highlands and the Lowlands of Scotland meet is the delightful town of Callander.

As the gateway to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, it’s been a booming tourist spot since the Victorian era and it remains a popular pit-stop on many a Scottish road trip. I almost never drive through Callander without stopping to stretch my legs and get something delicious to eat!

Surrounded by a beautiful array of hills and at the junction of two rivers, Callander is the starting point of many stunning walks and a great base to enjoy the tree-covered Callander Crags. For many visitors, it feels like the first real taste of the Highlands as they head north because it’s where the scenery becomes visibly dramatic.

The town of Callander is a collection of tightly packed houses and hotels, many of which have been there for hundreds of years. These wonderful old streets are now full to the brim with various shops to delve into and find the perfect memento of your trip. To keep your energy levels high you can enjoy excellent food in an abundance of local eateries, from delicious delis to more traditional pubs and tea rooms.

One eatery that will entice you off the street by the wonderful smell of freshly baked goods emanating from within, is Mhor Bread. Located on Callander’s main street, the building has over a hundred years of bread-making experience. It was transformed into the bakery, shop, and tea room it is today back in 2007 by the Lewis family who bought the site with the idea to return it to its former glory. Mhor Bread now welcomes plenty of locals and visitors alike, all wanting to enjoy the traditional handmade bread they bake lovingly each day with a simple method that uses only flour from Scottish mills.

Image courtesy of Mhor Bread
  • Image courtesy of Mhor Bread
  • Image courtesy of Mhor Bread
  • Image courtesy of Mhor Bread
Image courtesy of Mhor Bread

Aside from the bread, a firm favourite of travellers journeying through Callander (including me!) are the pies they make, and in particular their famous steak and haggis pie. Now, don’t be put off just yet! Haggis should be experienced by everyone visiting Scotland as one of the most famous of its national dishes. It tastes more like a rich peppery mince than anything and, since you’re exploring all Scotland has to offer, you should give it a chance. If you’re really not up for it, then the classic Scotch pie, made with traditional minced meat, is an equally tasty, if slightly safer, bet.

For me, the pie is a road trip staple. They’re perfect for grabbing on-the-go and can easily be eaten on the road or in front of a panorama along the way. So, stop by Mhor Bread and grab a well-deserved pie from this wonderfully unique bakery while taking a break from the road. If you’re sticking around the area for lunch, wander along the river behind the main road – or take a stroll up the Callander Crags just behind the town.

The Mhor Bread Tearoom is open from 7am – 4pm offering fresh, locally sourced dishes from traditional breakfasts to sandwiches (made with their own sourdough bread), home-made soup, and all the types of cake you could wish for. And, of course, there’s plenty of homemade pies being sold in the tearoom too!

Back on the road, one of my favourite places to stop is just five miles north of Callander on the A84. The rest area at Loch Lubnaig provides beautiful views of this stretch of water, surrounded by mountains with tables of large rocks that are perfect for picnicking.

A lovely spot whatever the weather to take some quintessentially Scottish photos or to sit back and enjoy some traditional food.

Image courtesy of Mhor Bread